Protective Plastic Edging

Protective plastic edging

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We have been providing efficient, practical and creative solutions to businesses, both in the UK and overseas, for many years.

We manufacture a wide range of protective edging in industry standard square and round backed profiles. 

With excellent stock levels, we are able to deliver in rapid turnaround times, to satisfy the most pressured business. 

For a bespoke product we also have the expertise to assist with developing a personalised solution that is right for you.


Examples of some of our plastic edgings

  • Plastic protective edging in industry standard square and round backed profiles
  • Stationery slide binders
  • Tubing, of varying diameters
  • Plastic extrusions
  • Flexible or semi-rigid materials
  • Profiles in a wide range of colours

The materials used to manufacture our plastic edgings include Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and rigid Polypropylene (PP).

To see examples of our plastic protective edging extrusions range, click here.


Free samples

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Why choose us

We listen to your needs and come up with solutions. We give you highly competitive prices and offer flexibility.  Most importantly, once you place your order, we give you peace of mind that you have found the right plastic edging solution for your business.

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