Electrostatic powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating

We are a small parts powder coating specialist in Doncaster, UK, providing the quickest and smartest solution to a range of electrostatic powder coating requirements, for example:

  • Weather protection for conservatories or garden manufacturing businesses
  • Powder coating is an alternative to paint, helping to maintain the lifespan of  garden forks or similar products
  • Re-powder coat metal shelves, for example, in supermarkets

Electrostatic powder coating 1

We can powder coat any clean metal or shotblasted items, although the finished quality is dependent on the quality and finish of the item provided.

Why choose us

We have been combining efficient, practical and creative solutions to businesses, both in the UK and overseas, for many years.

We provide efficient solutions in rapid turnaround times to satisfy the most pressured business. 

We deliver:

  • A powder coating service in British Standard and RAL colours
  • Finishes in matt, gloss, metallic and hammer
  • Quality assurance
  • Professional and approachable customer service