We’ve made every effort to make this website compatible with assistive technology. The site should be usable by recent versions of assistive technologies including JAWS (Job Access With Speech), NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), ZoomText, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. It should also be usable by screen magnifiers and speech recognition software found on your operating system.


How to get the most accessible experience


We understand that many people will need to customise their experience to suit their individual needs. To help you get the most from your experience, we have provided a bar at the top of every page. This bar has tools that allow you skip to the content, change the size of the text, and change the colour scheme.


Get to the content quickly


Screenshot of skip to content linkWe appreciate that people who only use a keyboard or screen reading software find it difficult to get to the content they are interested in. That’s why we’ve added a link that lets you go directly to the content. Clicking the link will skip past the navigation and land on the beginning of the content on the page.





Make the text bigger


Screenshot of increase font size linkReading text on a screen is not always easy for some people. The font size tool allows you to customise the size of the text to make it easier to read. Press the A+ button to make the text bigger and the A- button to make it smaller. Press the reset button to change the text back to the default size.

You may also be able to use your browser to change the text size. Find out more about changing the text size in your browser (opens in a new window).


Change the colours


Screenshot of colour contrast linkAlthough we’ve tried to use colours that would make it easy to read, we know that some people have trouble with reading text on certain colours. The contrast tool lets you choose between three additional colour schemes that use high contrast colours. The white on back and black on blue schemes might be more suitable if you have low vision. The black on yellow scheme might be easier to read if you are dyslexic.

You may also be able to use your browser to use your own colours. Find out more about using your own colours with your browser (opens in a new window).


Downloading documents


There are a number of Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) and Microsoft Word documents on the website. If you are having trouble opening these files you may need additional software:

Link to Adobe PDFFor Adobe PDFs, download the latest Adobe Reader software (opens in a new window)

Link to Microsoft wordFor Microsoft Word documents, download the latest Word Viewer software (opens in a new window)


If you need extra help


If you need extra help in using computers, the web and assistive technologies, we recommend you visit BBC My Web, My Way (opens in a new window). This site has videos and information to help you use the accessibility features of your computer and shows how to make it easier to use the web.


Accessibility limitations


Whilst we've tried to ensure this site is accessible, you may encounter some limitations. Although we always aim to communicate in clear and simple language but this isn’t always possible. Some content may by technical in nature and may require technical understanding. If you do find there are parts of the website that are inaccessible, please let us know (see below).


Let us know if you are having difficulties


If you have any difficulty using our website or spot any problems, please send us your feedback. We’re happy to hear from you and your feedback will helps us make our site better. If you need some advice on what to write, please read this guide (opens in a new window).


Accessibility statement


Shaw Trust aim to meet the highest standards in accessibility. This website has been designed and developed in accordance with the BSI (British Standards Institution) BS8878:2010 standard. In addition, this site has been developed in conjunction with Shaw Trust's own Accessibility Services (opens in a new window). The site has been reviewed by accessibility experts and tested by a team of disabled testers. A full accessibility audit was conducted on this website in January 2013 and met WCAG (Web Content Authoring Guidelines) 2.0 Level AA.

This accessibility information was last updated on 24 January 2013. This information will be reviewed every 12 months.