About Shaw Trust Industries (Doncaster)

About Shaw Trust Industries (Doncaster)

Coiling the Low density polyethylene plastic edgingWe have been combining professional, practical and creative solutions to clients both in the UK and overseas, for many years. 

The factory is run as a social enterprise by Shaw Trust, a national charity that helps people facing disadvantage into work, to gain skills and take control of their futures. 

Originally operated by the council, Shaw Trust took over the running of the factory in 2001 and it was renamed Shaw Trust Industries, Doncaster. 


Our team

Our project manager Pete Smith is just one of our dedicated and highly trusted members of staff. 

"I have been working here for 27 years and have an engineering background, having initially completed an apprenticeship as an injection mould toolmaker. I then strengthened my theory knowledge by completing a HND in Mechanical and Production Engineering.

I originally started working as an extrusion supervisor and took over as project manager in 2005.

Working at the factory allows me to be involved in engineering but also to help others at the same time. It’s perfect."

Pete’s team is made up of highly trained workers and they are very proud to be able to offer customers an excellent service in:


Our environmental responsibility

As part of a national charity, Shaw Trust is aware of the need to balance economic, social and environmental values as part of its corporate social responsibility. To this end, we recognise and take responsibility for the environmental impact of our activities and are committed to minimising any potentially harmful effects on the environment. 


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Shaw Trust Industries (Doncaster), Cedar Road, Balby, Doncaster DN4 9HT, UK